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Designed to work with Digital Yacht’s iKommunicate Signal K gateway, Signal View turns an iPhone (or iPad running the iPhone version) into a portable multi-function display for your boat. Signal View makes it easy to check tank levels while fuelling or filling, monitor drift and depth while fishing or relaxing, or even to calculate optimal fuel economy for two separate speed ranges and engines.

Thanks to the new Signal K standard, that previously inaccessible boat data on your boat’s network or multi-function display can now be viewed on your iPhone. The Signal View App supports data from any brand of electronics so long as it outputs NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183 formatted data. Signal View fulfills the promise of live boat data in your pocket from any NMEA 2000 network!

60+ data types supported. Data that can be displayed includes – navigation, communications, propulsion (rpm, fuel flow, oil pressure, temperature, hours, etc), environment, tanks, batteries.

YOU NEED TO AN iKOMMUNICATE FROM DIGITAL YACHT TO USE THIS APP! (Requires firmware dated Feb 15, 2017 or newer). It may have reduced functionality with other Signal K servers.  You can test the App from home without any hardware by going to the settings page and clicking on the ENTER IP button and then entering:

*This App was independently developed by Adam Hyde. Although it is designed to work closely with the iKommunicate from Digital Yacht, the developer is completely independent from the company. Please do not contact Digital Yacht for support. Use our support form on this page.

Functionality includes:

  • Four custom screens with 16 custom labeled data values. Screens can be automatically emailed at the frequency you set
  • Engine monitoring with multi-engine support (4 engine maximum)
  • Pre-configured “fish” screen for drift-fishing or anchor-watch with configurable alarm for drift distance. You an also set an email to trigger if the alarm triggers
  • Fuel economy calculation per engine or combined for dual engines with 9 different calculations possible including: L/km, L/NM, L/m, km/US g, NM/US g, m/US g, km/g, NM/g, m/g
  • Set minimum planing speed on a planing hull for both displacement and on-plane optimal fuel economy. Signal View calculates what RPM is the most fuel efficient as you run your boat through its throttle range
  • Maximum range calculation (planing and non-planing) based on fuel economy and estimated fuel remaining (if fuel flow, RPM, and speedOverGround are present)
  • Built in alarms for drift distance and engine temperature. Drift alarm can email a notification
  • Engine temperature monitoring (displays peak temperature reached with quick reset by touching the value) with configurable over-temperature alarm
  • Send your boat’s current location via email, sms, or twitter. It uses your boats GPS data unless it is not available. With no GPS data, Signal View uses location services on the iPhone as a backup only
  • Metric, US and Imperial units
  • Automatic discovery of iKommunicate on your network
  • Built-in activation of your iKommunicate’s internal logging for diagnostic purposes (Telnet software not required)
  • View iKommunicate’s SD card storage space used
  • Manual IP address override for remote testing or using with other Signal K servers (might not work 100% with other servers)
  • One button to view your boat’s raw data in Signal K format. Raw JSON data is sent with automatic emails so you can process it off the boat for website updates, etc
  • Data updates approximately once every second

You will need NMEA 2000 or NMEA 0183 data, the iKommunicate by Digital Yacht, and a wireless router and this iPhone App. No Internet connection required. Signal View communicates with the iKommunicate using WiFi from your on-board wireless router.

Please report issues at the support website. Enjoy!

It’s probably obvious but you need devices on a boat network transmitting information in order to be able to display it in the Signal View App.  This can include multi-function displays and/or other NMEA 2000 (N2K) devices that monitor: fluid pressure, tank levels, fuel flow, engine parameters, batteries, depth, rudder angle, gps position, temperature, etc. Generally any N2K certified device should work so long as it’s outputted data is supported by iKommunicate and the App. Data types are being added constantly.  See our supported manufacturers and data types lists below for more information.

The App also requires an iKommunicate from Digital Yacht to be connected to your N2K and/or NMEA 0183 wiring on your boat. The iKommunicate should be running the latest firmware. Full instructions on how to do this is in the iKommunicate manual.  You will also need a wireless router connected to the iKommunicate.  You can install a low cost inexpensive router that runs on 12 volts and doesn’t need to be connected to the Internet.

Signal View version 1.0.1 for IOS 9.3+ was released on April 26th, 2017!  Please ensure you have updated your iKommunicate to: firmware v. March 20, 2017 or later.  Use the automatic update feature on the iKommunicate administration web page to ensure you have the absolute latest firmware version.

Previous releases:  Signal View version 1.0 for IOS 9.3+ was released on March 7th, 2017!

depth belowKeelalternatorVoltage
blackWaterCapacitybatt stateofCharge
courseOverGrounddepth belowSurface
boost Pressure
blackWaterLevelbatt temperature
distanceSinceResetdepth belowTrnsdcrcoolantPressureblackWaterVolumebatt timeRemaining
logTripwind angleApparent
longitudewind angleTrue
wind directionMag
rateofTurnwind directionTrue
rudderAnglewind SOG
Fuel Economy (calculated from SOG and fuelrate)wasteWaterCapacity
SpeedOverGroundwind speedApparent
transmission OilPressurewasteWaterLevel
speedThruWaterwind speedTrue
Drift (calculated from GPS Coordinates)
MetricUSImperialFuel EconomyOther
Depth: MetersDepth: FeetDepth: FathomsL/kmPower: Watts
Distance: km / metersDistance: miles / feetDistance: NM / feetL/NMVoltage: Volts
Volume: LitresVolume: US gVolume: Imp. gL/mAmperage: Amps
Temperature: CelciusTemperature: FahrenheitTemperature: Fahrenheitkm/US gDegrees
Pressure: KpAPressure: PSI, mbPressure: PSINM/US gPercentage
m/US gTime: Minutes, Hours
km/Imp. g
m/Imp. g
NMEA 2000 Manufacturers - compatibility chart
Alltek - Camino
B&G - Navico
BEP Marine
Carling Technologies
Chetco Digital Instruments
Crusader Engines (not certified but works great!)
Digital Yacht
em-trak Marine Electronics
EMMI Network - Alba
Evinrude - BRP
Faria Instruments
Fischer Panda Generators
Floscan Instrument Co.
Fusion Electronics
FW Murphy / Enovation Controls
Hemisphere GPS
Honda Marine
Humminbird Marine Electronics
JL Audio
Johnson Outdoors Marine Electronics
Livorsi Marine
Mercury Marine
NoLand Engineering
Northern Lights
Offshore Systems
Rockford Corporation
Rose Point Navigation Systems
SI-TEX Marine
Simrad - Navico
Standard Horizon
Suzuki Motor Corp
Teleflex (SeaStar Solutions)
True Heading AB
Twin Disc
Vesper Marine
Victron Energy
Volvo Penta - CPAC
Wema USA (KUS)
Xantrex Technology
Xintex / Atena
Yacht Devices
Yamaha Marine
Yanmar Marine
“Signal K is about publishing a common modern and open data format for marine use. A format for the modern boat, compatible with NMEA, friendly to WiFi, cellphones, tablets, and the Internet. A format available to everyone, where anyone can contribute.” – The Signal View App uses the Signal K format when it reads data from the iKommunicate. The iKommunicate gateway translates NMEA 0183/2000 data on a boat network into the Signal K format.

Signal View Support Request Form

*Please update to the latest iKommunicate firmware
and Signal View App versions before reporting issues.
Thank You!

Signal View App Developer

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