Signal K Products

Signal K Products


Signal View (IOS) – Full featured App for iPhone, can be installed on an iPad as well. Designed to work with Digital Yacht’s iKommunicate Signal K gateway, Signal View turns an iPhone (or iPad running the iPhone version) into a portable multi-function display for your boat. Signal View makes it easy to check tank levels while fuelling or filling, monitor drift and depth while fishing or relaxing, or even to calculate optimal fuel economy for two separate speed ranges and engines. (b)  Full writeup here

Zapfware NMEA Remote – Instrument data displayed on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Connects to a variety of different gateways via WiFi.  (b)

Ocean Wave Ventures – OceanIX – Android App for tablets to display engine and other data from devices on your boat.  Connects to a Signal K server (& iKommunicate) or NMEA 0183 data stream via WiFi.  (b)

ActiveCaptain Locations – Share and monitor locations of cruising friends on a map. Free App (IOS, Android, Mac, Windows). (b)

OpenCPN – Popular free open source chartplotter and GPS navigation software for Windows, Mac, and Unix variants. Runs on a laptop. (i)

Fairwind – Navigation software (Android) and server gateway (Linux) geared to sailing. Oriented for “do it yourselfers.” (a)

OPENPLOTTER – Navigation software that works on ARM computers (Raspberry Pi) and is open-source, low-cost and low-consumption. Modular, do it yourself.  (a)

Homegrown Marine Regatta Processor – Turn a $35 Raspberry Pi into a sensor hub and processor similar to a B&G H5000. Do it yourself.  (a)

Freeboard – Open source navigation software that runs on a Raspberry Pi server and an Arduino to interface with the boat’s hardware. Do it yourself. (a)

OPENSKIPPER – Open Source C# code for Windows for integrating and displaying NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and AIS data from nautical instruments, GPS units and internet data sources. (a)

Signal K App (Android, IOS) – Free Open Source App that connects to a Signal K server to display basic data.  Not associated with (b)

Wilhelm SK (IOS) – Full featured App for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.  Lots of configuration options for displaying any kind of Signal K data. (b)


Racegeek D10 – Low power data display for sailboat racing enthusiasts. Coming in 2016. (b)

Yacht Devices Voyage Recorder – NMEA 2000 data logger for Seatalk Ng networks. Writes to an SD Card and can be adapted to non-Raymarine networks.  (b)

VYacht Wifi Router Mk III – NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 multiplexer, gateway and wireless router all in one.  (i)

*Digital Yacht iKommunicate – NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 Signal K gateway. Plugs into a standard wireless router. Now shipping! (i)

Alternator Regulator and Charging System – Speaks Canbus and can be networked to other charging devices. Do it yourself, open source.  Coming in 2016.  (a)

EngineMonitor – Arduino based system for monitoring and networking engine data from older marine diesel engines that are not electronic. Do it yourself, open source. (a)

* pursuing NMEA 2000 certification

setup difficulty: (b)eginner, (i)ntermediate, (a)dvanced

If your product is supporting Signal K please contact us to be added to this list.