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Contact / About Us

Adam Hyde and boat named Journey

“Through Adam’s eyes you’re going to get a unique and insider’s ongoing look at the Signal K project. Its app developers, programmers, projects in the works, IoT applications and much more all with a touch of humor. I’m looking forward to continuing to read it.” – Bill Bishop (The Marine Installers Rant)

“Very cool! A smart (and funny) guy named Adam Hyde has started a blog about Signal K and already he can’t help but write about other neat marine tech.” – Ben Ellison (Panbo)

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About us

SIGNAL Kool is an interactive web magazine about marine electronics and the internet of boats.Boating Writers International Logo

Review / Test Policy

SIGNAL Kool regularly accepts products for review from manufacturers but reserves the editorial freedom to choose what to write about. 

We reserve the right to keep products that require drilling holes, boat haul-out, or the purchase of other accessories to facilitate installation. Products with a retail price less than $200 won’t be returned due to packing / shipping logistics that aren’t a productive use of time for either party. For other products that we love so much and may want to keep, we will pay for them once the review is complete.

We also accept products on extended (long term) review. We will keep the item until you replace it with something better. You may also recall it at any time with reasonable notice.  Manufacturers will pay the cost of return shipping in all cases.

We have a sailboat, powerboat or a search and rescue vessel available for testing.


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