Adam Hyde’s published articles (external sites)

Adam Hyde’s published articles (external sites)

Publications SIGNAL Kool author Adam Hyde has been featured in:

Panbo, (S)Sailfeed, (PM)Power&MotorYacht, (P)Passagemaker

Links to his articles:

RCMSAR and facilitating marine rescue from the cloud – Panbo, S, PM, P

News: Garmin Nautix, Gemeco resources, GOST Tracker, Go-Free Hooked & Furuno MCU004 keypad – Panbo, S, PM, P

ACR GlobalFix V4, NavPod, Stealth PC, Raymarine r16, and MFD ActiveCaptain via C-Map & Furuno – Panbo, S, PM, P

Journey: A boat with the right attitude – Panbo, S, PM, P

West Marine Expo, ACR LED Searchlight, Scanstrut USB, Navico Compass & Triton Gills – Panbo, S, PM, P

Iris NightPilot, Humminbird SmartStrike, Vesper AIS update, and Icom 7300 HF Radio – Panbo, S, PM, P

Kite fishing for sailfish with Ben and Garmin – Panbo, S, PM, P

Yacht Devices N2K display, RedPort & PredictWind, NMEA & ABYC, and ONWA radar – Panbo, S, PM, P

Mercury & Navico: new VesselView Link, VesselView 702/502 displays and MFD engine interface – Panbo, S, PM, P (co-written with Ben Ellison)

Raymarine Lighthouse R17 part1: hands-on new weather viewer, WiFi & more – Panbo, S, PM, P

Raymarine LightHouse R17 part 2: hands-on Navionics Dock-to-dock, SonarChart Live & more – Panbo, S, PM, P

A Search and Rescue boat’s critical electronics – Panbo, S, PM, P

Software Credits

Signal View (iPhone) – Signal View turns an iPhone (or iPad running the iPhone version) into a portable multi-function display for your boat. Signal View makes it easy to check tank levels while fuelling or filling, monitor drift and depth while fishing or relaxing, or even to calculate optimal fuel economy for two separate speed ranges and engines.

SAR Tools (Android) – Used by search and rescue crews worldwide to conduct sector and expanding square searches.

Safe Boating (Android)Primarily for the boating public plying the waters off the West Coast of Canada.

Safe Boating (iPhone) – Primarily for the boating public plying the waters off the West Coast of Canada. SAR Tools is also included in the iPhone version.